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Notes from Jace are his weekly takes & insights into the current and future market standings. These are updated weekly as available and will be posted here.

This is the letter that La Junta Livestock sent to customers along with a thank you. If you did not receive one and would like to get one please contact us 719-384-7781. We appreciate all of our customers. See you this fall!
Dear La Junta Livestock Customer,
First off, I’d like to thank all of you for doing business with La Junta Livestock. It’s an honor and a privilege for our family to work with you and your family.
I’m already getting calls on what the market will be like this fall. Short answer nobody knows. Let me give you some thoughts. Starting with COVID it has put so much uncertainty of what’s real and what’s not. Most of it’s just common sense. Our government can’t make a decision on anything. Its all about trying to get a vote. Which brings me to our election. VOTE! We can’t have an elected official that hires a vegan, that believes 4-H is abusive to animals, to the Colorado State Board of Veterinary Medicine. This is what our great state of Colorado governor is trying to do. I cannot imagine living like this for another 4.5 years.
The weather has been rough on some of you. We need all moisture we can get. A lot of you have sold your dry cows and split old pairs already. Some have weaned your calves off. Let’s hope you have your cows bred up. One of the nice things has been the Butcher Cow market has been good!
This brings me to the market this fall. The city suburban housewife doesn’t seem to know how to cook a roast or chicken fried steaks, like the good old country wife cooks. I think they eat out most meal in big towns. When we were shut down hamburger got very high. House wives were cooking tacos, hamburgers, & spaghetti etc. When the restaurants opened, steaks really got a lot higher for a couple of weeks until they got the restaurant freezers full. Since then the box beef has gotten cheaper every day until the 1st of August when it leveled off. One thing that has helped is milk got really high from $11 to $12 a lb to as high as $24 to $25 a lb. Dairy cow tonnage has went way down as far as being hamburger meat.
Supply and demand looks good as of right now. Cattle are so big in the feedlots there is a lot of tonnage. This is what is hurting us. As long as the government stays on the big 4 packing houses and imports maybe it will turn around. The one thing that makes me nervous is those house wives and families in the big cities. Will they still be working? If they are living paycheck to paycheck they will be buying cheaper meats, such as chicken and pork.
My whole life election year never really mattered one way or another. But this could be a huge election for us in ag. GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY and LAW & ORDER is not part of our family values across this country anymore. Protect our way of life and vote.
For the new and old customers, the Honey family and the La Junta Livestock employees enjoy doing business with you and your family! I want to let you know that you can contact Keo, Brian, or myself at any time. Please call to consign your cattle, give information on shots at branding, and any pre weaning info. This information helps market your cattle and helps La Junta Livestock do the best job possible for our customers. When you call before bringing your cattle to market, this will help get you a good spot in the lineup each week as we sell lightest to heaviest 300-400# to 500#, etc…
Enclosed is an update form for address, telephone, and email information changes. Please fill out and return by mail or email to La Junta Livestock (lajuntalivestock@gmail.com) if changes are needed. So, like us on Facebook and visit our website (ljlivestock.com) and watch for market and sale information. Our website lists upcoming sales, area truckers, order buyers, local grow yards, and brand inspector information as well as the market reports, consignments, and Jace’s Notes. You may also watch the sales online at lmaauctions.com. If you would like to receive the Fence Post contact them @ 1-800-275-5646.
I also want to remind you that we do have field reps in your area. John Malouff (San Luis Valley, Gunnison Valley, & Northern New Mexico), Buddy Johnson (from Simla), Robert Campbell (Four Corners area), Cade Walz (Southeast Colorado). Punk McCurry (Southeast CO) is in need of a heart transplant. He is still taking phone calls for La Junta Livestock. Go check out his go fund me page on Facebook. The field reps. will be glad to assist you in any possible way from market information to visiting your ranch.
Thank you for your business and we look forward to being of service to you.
Jace Honey
President & General Manager




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