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"Home Owned and Operated"

area truckers

Saguache, CO Abeyta & Abeyta Trucking Frank Abeyta 303-895-5175 YES/Hay & Cattle
Matheson, CO Ashmore Trucking LLC Jason Ashmore 719-355-9957 YES/Cattle
Canon City, CO B Ellis Transport Brian Ellis 719-429-4649 YES/Hay & Cattle
Eads, CO B T Trucking  Brandon Ferris 719-688-2455 YES/Cattle
Westcliffe, CO Bar C T Trucking Jeff Thomas 719-371-3197 YES/Hay & Cattle
Fowler, CO Benesch Trucking James Benesch 719-251-4827 YES/Hay  
  BKG Trucking   719-980-0186 YES/ Cattle
Simla, CO Buddy Johnson Buddy Johnson 719-338-0576

YES/Hay & Cattle


  C Bros Trucking Cole Reist 719-338-3171  
Limon, CO C & C Grain Delmer Cirbo 719-380-1903

YES/Hay & Cattle

(in state only)

Delta, CO Christy Family Ent Lincoln Christy 970-258-3415


La Junta, CO Circle Jay Trucking Josh Mondragon 719-859-0840 YES/Hay & Cattle
Burlington, CO Colglazier Livestock Fred Colglazier 719-340-7774 YES/Cattle
Wiley, CO Double D Cattle Larry Dent 719-250-4089 YES/Hay & Cattle
Manzanola, CO Drew Lower Drew Lower 620-228-2941 YES/Hay & Cattle
Las Animas, CO DTX Express Robert Lucero 719-469-0903 YES/Cattle
Byers, CO Eastwood Trucking   303-822-9240 YES/Cattle & Hay
Swink, CO E H Trucking, LLC Larry Hall 719-468-8850 YES/Hay & Cattle
Midland, TX E H Livestock Emmit Hernandez 830-319-1764 YES/Hay & Cattle
Monte Vista, CO Eli Malouff Eli Malouff 719-580-7625 YES/Cattle
Westcliffe, CO G David Hobby David Hobby 719-269-6723 YES/Hay & Cattle
Rocky Ford, CO Goodrich Trucking Jim Goodrich 719-980-6135 YES/Hay & Cattle
Gunnison, CO Gunnison Trucking Dan Coleman 970-209-1547 YES/Cattle
  Jake Leonard Trucking   719-242-3292  
La Junta, CO Hauler Back Ag Dick Carroll 719-980-6312 YES/Hay & Cattle
La Junta, CO Jerry Bay Trucking Jerry Bay 719-469-1693 YES/Hay & Cattle
Fowler, CO Jim Dillingham Jim Dillingham 719-468-0190 YES/Cattle (Local only)
Kim, CO John Shannon Trucking John Shannon 719-469-8697 YES/Hay & Cattle
Fowler, CO K L Freight Services, LLC Keith Lewis 719-469-0764 YES/Hay & Cattle
Las Animas, CO Las Animas Transfer Richard Harris 719-980-8684 YES/Cattle
Las Animas, CO Lazy LS Trucking Roper Nichols (719)469-5099 YES/Cattle
Ordway, CO Ordway Feedyard Tyler Karney 719-469-1964 YES/Cattle
CO Outcast Livestock Transport Richard Roberts 308-279-9068 YES/Cattle
Alamosa, CO Palmer Bros Kip Palmer 719-580-1146 YES/Cattle
Saguache, CO Jeff Quintana Joe Quintana 720-243-1419 YES/Cattle & Hay
Manzanola,CO R3 Livestock LLC Bailey Rorick 719-468-6510 YES/Cattle
Ignacio, CO Robert Campbell Trucking Robert Campbell 970-749-9708 YES/Hay & Cattle
La Junta, CO Second Wind Hay & Cattle Preston Fritzler 719-361-0648 YES/Hay & Cattle
La Junta/Kim, CO Shannon Trucking Pat Shannon 719-643-5210 YES/Cattle
Las Animas, CO Spady Trucking Heath Spady 719-469-8216 YES/Hay & Cattle
Hamlin, TX Teague Diversified Jason Hisey 607-227-0554 YES/Cattle
Fowler, CO VanGalder Trucking George VanGalder 719-231-1200 YES/Cattle
  Wallace Trucking Wally 719-529-4495  
La Junta, CO W E Trucking Bill Wilson 719-928-1100 YES/Hay & Cattle
La Junta, CO WW Feeds Fred Darnell 719-980-2845

YES/Feed & Cattle

Two Buttes, CO 4F Farms John Freiberger 719-529-0528  

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